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The C.I.R.V. Adult and Juvenile Gang “Call-in” Program

This program is a city-wide crime strategy that takes a proactive approach to crime and violence prevention. On a monthly basis, the Director of the C.I.R.V. program collaborates with law enforcement to “call-in” individuals who have been identified, through various predictors, who are considered to be at high risk of committing violent crimes. This technique has proven to be a very effective deterrent and has been a key component in reducing violence and crime.

Law Enforcement Community Relations Program

The mission of this program is to foster collaborative and positive relationships between law enforcement and the city’s citizens. This is achieved through cultural training, joint activities, and a host of other initiatives that contribute to each entity having a better understanding of one another and their opportunities and challenges.

Faith Based Initiative

This program is designed to bring together the city’s  greater Faith-based community in a town hall setting with the City leaders including the administration and law enforcement to strategize on how they can successfully implement the mission of C.I.R.V. in their churches as well as circles of influence.

The Mini-Grant Program  
& JJC Summer Parks Athletic Programming

This program allocates funds and supports local organizations who implement programming throughout the city. Connect throughout the months with C.I.R.V. directly supports the JJC Summer Parks Athletic Program which keeps the youth involved in athletics during their summer break.

The Fatherhood Initiative

The C.I.R.V. Fatherhood Initiative seeks to strengthen families in Youngstown by encouraging fathers to play a more active role in nurturing and raising their children. The Initiative responds to escalating social concerns regarding “father absence” by providing fathers with access to services designed to prepare them to better meet the emotional, psychological, and financial needs of their children. 

The Hope Conference &

Re-entry Initiatives

The Annual Hope Conference attracts hundreds of citizens who are looking to get a fresh start in life following incarceration. Spearheaded by C.I.R.V., it is  a collaborative effort of over 50 Mahoning County agencies. The conference takes place in the heart of the city at Youngstown State University. Conference attendees who attend are able to get their licenses restored, attend a CQE clinic, sign up for health care, and have a host of other resources available to them for their transition back into society.

“Increase the Peace” Rallies/ N.O.W. Youngstown

Throughout the summer months, C.I.R.V. hosts “Increase the Peace” rallies in the city’s neighborhoods that statistically have been identified as “hot beds” for violent crime. Promoting the message of peace and non-violence is an integral part of C.I.R.V.’s  mission.  The rallies draw people from their homes to enjoy family activities and entertainment, while creating camaraderie and fellowship within their community.

N.O.W. Youngstown is a collaborative group that serves as a means of organizing and activating those within the city who serve people of faith in supporting C.I.R.V.’s mission. Comprised of both clergy and religious leaders, the program is educational, informs citizens as to how they can serve as liaisons within their individual churches and communities. Additionally it serves as an effective means of communication between those who are closest to the potential offenders, assisting in proactive efforts.

The Women of Worth Program

The Women of Worth is a life changing program with the mission of developing the potential of women and cultivating the gifts that lie within them. The program is a year long commitment; those who take part in this endeavor attend a retreat followed by monthly classes that will both enhance and improve their lives and the lives of their families. The program culminates with a formal graduation ceremony where participants testify of the changes that have occurred in their lives throughout the year.

Youth Peacemakers

School Based Program

Taking place within The Youngstown City School system, the Youth Peacemakers Program reaches student leaders within the schools and educates these individuals to carry out the mission of C.I.R.V. within their circles of influence. Those who are enrolled in the program further develop their leadership skills, as well as are given tools to take with them while interacting with their peers.



​Did you know Youngstown has several action oriented Neighborhood Associations and Block Watches making a difference in their city and their neighborhoods?

We encourage you to becoming involved in one of these effective and proactive groups of people shaping Youngstown's future! 


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